Brady Hoke Monday Press Conference Recap

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Yesterday, Brady Hoke confronted the media about the loss last Saturday to #16 ranked rival Notre Dame. Here are the statements that stood out to me from that press conference:

Coach Hoke started out by stating how the preparation throughout the week was “awesome” and how they felt like they were ready to take on the Fighting Irish. He used the word “awesome” for a few different topics but this one really stood out to me. It really makes a loss that much tougher when, going into the game, you had an awesome preparation and strategy ready to go. It doesn’t seem like it brought down Michigan‘s confidence and determination, however, which is definitely a plus.

Coach Hoke also stated how “opportunities were not made for the offense” and that the defense did not help in setting up a good offensive drive. The Michigan defense gave up seven 3rd-down conversions on 15 attempts, which extended Notre Dame’s offensive series and eventually lead to more¬†points. Notre Dame held Michigan’s offense to only four 3rd-down conversions on 13 attempts, which was a key factor in Michigan getting shut out for the first time in 365 games.

The most important statement that stood out during the press conference was that Coach Hoke believes that “the goal to win the Big Ten is still out there.” He elaborated by saying how the Big 10 will continue to beat each other up, which will leave a team like Michigan to potentially make it to the Big 10 Championship Game. With big losses from Ohio State to Virginia Tech and Michigan State to Oregon, Michigan is definitely not out of the race. However, it is quite a bold statement to say right after a huge loss to a rival like Notre Dame.

Michigan will look to bounce back this Saturday against MAC school Miami (OH).

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