Brady Hoke Monday Press Conference Recap

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Another tough home loss, and another week of questions for Michigan head coach Brady Hoke. Here are the key points from Monday’s press conference.

-The team practiced on Sunday. Shane Morris would have practiced if it wasn’t for a high ankle sprain that he suffered in the game on Saturday against Minnesota.

-Morris was put back in the game, even though he may have been injured, because Gardner lost his helmet on the previous play. Hoke tried to take a timeout to “buy back” Gardner but there was confusion by the line judge and it wasn’t allowed.

-Hoke avoided most of the questions about the possibility that Shane Morris suffered a concussion. He said that a statement will be released by the medical staff later.

-Morris was still in the game after the ankle injury because he told Hoke that he felt that he could still play.

-Hoke didn’t see the high hit on Morris because he was “traveling the ball down the field.” He did, however, see Ben Braden helping Morris stay on his feet.

-Hoke was asked if he would put his headset on and his response was, “No. Thank you.”

-Dave Brandon was not involved in any discussions about the Morris incident. He also was not present at the press conference.

-When asked about how this has been addressed to the university and Brandon, Hoke replied with, “I’m getting ready to play Rutgers. That’s what I’ve been doing. Getting the staff and the team ready to go play Rutgers.”

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