Brady Hoke Keeps Singing The Same Old Song

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The woes continue to pile up. Michigan struggled mightily once again on Saturday in a 30-14 loss to Minnesota, and the anger felt by fans of the program is growing stronger by the day. After Michigan’s defeat, head coach Brady Hoke took to the mic and continued to sing the same old song, dance to the same old tune. It’s getting old; when will it end?

Hoke told the media he still believes Michigan is a team capable of winning the Big Ten Championship; he continually states the team’s goals are still out there on the table. But at 2-3 (0-1), is anyone other than him still buying into that? I wanted to include the players in that short list of people who still have faith in this season, but I honestly think that would be a stretch of an assumption.

If you can find it in yourself to still believe in Hoke and still believe in this team as being contenders in the Big Ten, I don’t know if I want to applaud you or get you an appointment with a psychiatrist. The train derailed after that beating suffered in South Bend in Week 2. Since then, it’s a game of painfully going through the motions and hoping something positive comes out as a result.

So what’s the alternative to professing your faith in an entire season? Let’s start with professing faith in the upcoming battle with Rutgers. After that, move on to Penn State, and so on. I can deal with that. Those are hills, week-by-week battles, that are capable of being scaled. But the entire season, the Big Ten Championship—that’s a mountain this team, quite frankly, doesn’t deserve to climb right now.

Hoping for some sort of change at this point though is not realistic. The same song, the same dance—it’s here to stay.

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