Michigan Football Recruiting: 2015 Class Predictions 3.0

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It’s that time again. Michigan football recruiting news has started to pick up as of late in the wake of two commitments on offense and a slew of updates throughout the summer. Brady Hoke and company are somewhat hot on the recruiting trail.

Follow me through the jump as I give the third edition of my 2015 football recruiting class predictions. 

Current verbal commits are bolded.

Quarterbacks (1)

Alex Malzone, 4*

Running Backs (1)

Mike Weber, 4*

Wide Receiver (2)

Brian Cole, 4*

Grant Perry, 3*

Tight Ends (2)

Chris Clark, 4*

Tyrone Wheatley Jr., 4*

Offensive Tackles (2)

Grant Newsome, 4*

Jon Runyan Jr., 3*

Defensive Ends (2)

Keisean Lucier-South, 5*

Darian Roseboro, 4*

Outside Linebackers (1)

Asmar Bilal, 4*

Inside Linebackers (1)

Darrin Kirkland Jr., 4*

Cornerbacks (2)

Garrett Taylor, 4*

Marcus Lewis, 4*

Safeties (1)

Tyree Kinnel, 4*

Kickers (1)

Andrew David, 3*

Not many changes to this one, but a few predictions have been solidified.

Since the last edition of this piece, Michigan has picked up commitments from four-stars Brian Cole and Mike Weber and lost three-star outside linebacker Tyriq Thompson to Michigan State.

Four-star athlete Marcus Lewis, who looks like a college cornerback, has decomitted from Florida and looks like a near lock to end up a member of this class.

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5 thoughts on “Michigan Football Recruiting: 2015 Class Predictions 3.0

  1. Wouldn’t it be better to take a safety, or another o-lineman (a player of need) rather than another local product receiver that will never see the field (Perry), except maybe as charity? Just because he is buddies with Alex Malzone, and comes from here doesn’t mean we should just burn a scholarship. There might be a player of need that they could sign on signing day, and if not, they might be better able to utilize the scholarship on a better “16” prospect, if we have a good year and recruits are flocking to come here.

  2. Don’t know anything about Perry. What’s he like as a player? We do seem pretty stacked at WR, but maybe they want to try to bring in at least 2 every year?

  3. I like the way this prediction is laid out. It is very realistic to think that things will play out this way. However, as far as I know Grant Perry hasn’t even been offered yet. I think Hoke is content to stay with just Cole at WR in this class considering all the freshmen and sophomores on the roster right now.


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