Devin Funchess to Wear Famed No. 1 Jersey This Season

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Michigan announced prior to Saturday’s game vs. Appalachian State that junior wide receiver Devin Funchess will wear the famous number-one jersey this season.

He had previously worn the number 87, a Legends Jersey honoring former Michigan tight end great Ron Kramer.

Funchess released a statement as to why the change was made.

“It was an incredible honor to be selected to wear the number 87 Legends Jersey in honor of Ron Kramer. I spoke with his son, Kurt, and many of my teammates before I decided to change my number and they were all unbelievably supportive,” said Funchess. “Ron Kramer was the best tight end in Michigan history, and I think his number should be worn by someone playing that position.

“Moving strictly to wide receiver, I watched a lot of Michigan greats over the offseason and kept seeing receivers wearing number 1 making plays, from Anthony Carter to Derrick Alexander, David Terrell and Braylon Edwards, and I wanted to carry on another Michigan tradition this season.”

The jersey has not been worn in ten seasons, with Braylon Edwards being the last Wolverine to don the famed number.

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