What Blake Countess’ Injury Means for the Wolverines

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Over the weekend it was reported by Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press that Blake Countess underwent surgery to repair an injury of his core. The Michigan Wolverine defensive back has been stellar since he arrived on campus, including last year when he was coming off a major injury.

Countess has meant a lot for the Wolverines, and he will be ready for fall camp, but what does the injury mean for his defensive unit as a whole?

First word that comes to mind is experience. If Countess has a set-back, or he isn’t fully recovered by fall camp, it isn’t necessarily the end of the world. Jourdan Lewis proved he can play with the best of them in the spring game this year with two (2) interceptions in the game. Also, Dymonte Thomas, Jabrill Peppers and Reon Dawson are all young, athletic defensive backs, and the reps will help tremendously.

With experience, the Wolverines also will have depth. The roster has a lot of talent, young secondary help, and Greg Mattison can help these guys succeed this season. The roster, currently, has close to a dozen defensive backs, so the season is not lost by any means. Countess is expected to be healthy, but it’s good to have a backup plan in case of an emergency, and Michigan has plenty of options.

If Countess returns by fall camp, as expected, Michigan will have fewer things to worry about, but they also have a few players they can rely on to fill the void. Sometimes an injury can hurt a team, no pun intended, but in this case, it seems like it can be beneficial. As Countess recovers, Michigan will be in good hands.

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