Prediction: Michigan ‘Loses’ Against Appalachian State, No Matter What

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Hey, Michigan football fans, in case you’ve been living under a rock this offseason — or maybe you were busy doing some Twitter recruiting — we have a big game to open up the 2014 season against Appalachian State. Yes, I know, this isn’t “big” in the sense of Ohio State or Michigan State. I’m not delusional. It’s big in the sense that the last time these two teams met, the unthinkable happened, and it’s generally crowned as the biggest upset in the history of college football. I’m not counting on the same result, but I don’t think that will necessarily matter. No matter what the final score is, no matter how well Michigan plays, that 2007 meeting will ring victorious.

Why? Because as fans, what are we going to do? I hope to God, Jesus and Mary we don’t boast about “revenge” or how we “got ’em back.” No, there’s no such thing as revenge on this scale. So leave those cries in the gave. One of the greatest upsets college football has ever seen will triumph seven years later because of an unforgiving media, Ohio State fans, Michigan State fans, anyone and everyone who finds joy in seeing the flowing tears of Wolverines fans.

You already know there is some lunatic out there who sees the stars aligning perfectly once more, and he’s calling his shot, a bold one. It’s yet to be determined which network will carry the game on Aug. 30, but there will surely be a little blast from the past before kickoff. And will you blame them? I hope not; that’s how you get the people riled up.

I remember listening to that ’07 game on the radio because we didn’t have BTN at the time, and one guy was being interviewed in the pre-game segment. He called a Michigan win by a score of 63-3. I still remember that. Michigan could fulfill the prophecy seven years later, and it wouldn’t matter. No margin of victory is going to silence the historians, and their voices and columns and blogs and tweets will drown out whatever victory cheer Wolverines fans can muster up after this one.

It simply doesn’t matter. I’m not looking forward to this rematch, not because I’m scared history will repeat itself. But the bullying of opposing fans and media — yeah, I could do without that.

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