Malzone Impresses; Earns Trip to Elite 11 Finals

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When the Michigan Wolverines coaching staff assembled together recently, they were in desperate search for a quarterback. Whiffing on a few big time prospects, they finally got their man, Brother Rice QB Alex Malzone.

Malzone is one of the most underrated prospects, in my opinion, in his recruiting class, so I was not shocked to hear that he was a finalist for the National Elite 11.

For those who aren’t familiar with the National Elite 11, it is a quarterback competition of the top quarterback recruits in the country, competing against each other, and working with some of the NFL‘s former quarterbacks.

It is a chance for Malzone to be recognized for his play, something he isn’t used to, and prove his is Michigan offer. He is still fresh in the minds of Wolverine fans, and would like to leave a good first impression on the fan base.

Malzone also earned an invite to Nike’s The Opening.(via:FoxSportsOhio)

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  1. …and prove his Michigan offer. [delete is]

    Along with Michigan’s 7 current roster quarterbacks which include, in my opinion, a few capable walk ons. I like the quarterback depth that is just starting to be built.

    Go Blue!

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