LSU’s Les Miles Talks Bo Schembechler and Playoffs at SMSB

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Former Michigan head coach and college football legend Bo Schembechler had a huge impact on many peoples’ lives. Anyone that has ever been involved with the Wolverines’ athletic program could tell you this. One person in particular has Schembechler and the University of Michigan to thank for the success he has had in his career: LSU head coach Les Miles.

Miles was in attendance at the Sound Mind Sound Body football camp in Harper Woods, Mich. on Thursday to watch his son, 2015 quarterback Manny Miles. I was able to catch up with him for a few minutes and ask him about the influence Schembechler had on him and his career, as well as his thoughts on the College Football Playoff.

Miles played for Schembechler from 1974-75 as an offensive lineman and was a member of the Michigan coaching staff from 1980-81 as a graduate assistant and then came back to coach the offensive line from 1987-94.

TBHR: You played for Bo. You coached for Bo. Talk about the impact that he had on your life.

Miles: “The Michigan credential is the credential that has fueled my career. The lessons that I learned under Bo are things that I use day-to-day and have in my professional life. There may not be any greater coach than he, and I was very fortunate that he made room for a guard from Elyria, Ohio to fit in his meeting room.”

TBHR: What kind of impact did the University of Michigan have on you as a whole.

Miles: “Anytime that somebody talks about an opinion or talks about credentials or tries to put you in a position where you measure the education that’s world-class, the degree and economics, my background has really always been the credential of Michigan.”

TBHR: What are your thoughts on the upcoming College Football Playoff?

Miles: “I think it’s wonderful. It’s what everybody wants. They’re looking for a little tournament. They’re going to have have it. It’s going to be played in the back end of the season. It’s not going to effect the bowl system.

I think it’s great and as long as it doesn’t interfere with the academic calendar. As long as it doesn’t hurt the way the bowl system has helped college football. You can’t fight progress. They’re looking for someone to earn their way, and I am too.”

TBHR: Do you think an expansion of the four-team playoff would be something they would want to look at down the road?

Miles: I think you’ll have to look at how it normalizes for awhile. But at some point and time, you’ll see if they can add another one or two teams. This could be an eight-team tournament eventually, but as long as they grow slowly and they operate with great quality, decision making and parameters, they’ll help us.

Coach Miles was very polite and patient with media and coaches at the event. He was not there representing LSU, but there as a father, and TBHR thanks him for his time.

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