Damien Harris Announces Top 8

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With news breaking by the minute on the recruiting trail these days, we got some more information last night. 5-star running back and the Nation’s top running back prospect, Damien Harris announced the final eight (8) schools that will compete for his services.

Harris is a powerful, strong running back that will force you to tackle him properly; arm tackles usually just get disregarded, and just turn into broken tackles. A bruiser-back, he is one of the most coveted recruits in his class, and he lives up to the hype.

The Michigan Wolverines had, at one point, Harris’ commitment to Ann Arbor, but that has since changed. He opened up his recruitment, and now these final eight remain.

He does not plan to announce until National Signing Day this year, so there is no need to make a prediction on where he will end up yet, especially in early June. He knows the Michigan staff well, and that’s great, but that doesn’t mean he will end up as a Wolverine. The process will run it’s course, and time will tell where the Nation’s most elite running back will attend college.

National Signing Day is on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015.

EDIT: Harris announced his top 8, the schools listed are in no order:

Ohio State
Florida State
Notre Dame

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  1. It’s nice to see we made the final 8…but if he made a final 3 or 4…I don’t think we would make it..I’d love to see D.Harris come to the maze and blue….but the fact that other teams don’t have the competition at running back…plus he de-commited for a reason..and I wish our boy Fred Jackson could turn him…The only thing I hope that the fuck eyes don’t get him

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