2015 RB Mike Weber Visiting Michigan

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The Michigan Wolverines have finally made headlines that will make their fans happy. Ty Isaac transferred from USC to Michigan earlier in the week, and that is great news for the current team, but what does it mean going forward?

2015 RB Mike Weber is set to visit Michigan today (via his Twitter) and it’s great that he’s on campus, but Wolverine fans need to know that it will be an uphill battle from here on out, mainly because of the addition of Isaac. It doesn’t kill Michigan’s chances by any means, it just means that the staff needs to work hard to get him to pledge.

He seems to really like Michigan, but he also likes Ohio State and a few schools around the country, so there is no shortage of competition for him. The Wolverines need to put on a show for him in order to be his leader to this point, whether it be showing him facilities, the stadium or academics, they cannot swing and miss today.

Adding a player like Weber to an already loaded backfield may be “over-kill” for some, but Michigan needs to improve their positive rushing yards, and quickly. Having a guy like Weber join Derrick Green and DeVeon Smith would be great for the offense.

Green, Isaac and Smith all have 3 more years of eligibility left, so a commitment from Weber in this class would mean the Wolverines would have a potent running attack for years to come.

Weber has said he will not rush his decision, so anyone expecting him to commit today needs to pump the brakes a bit; he likely won’t announce until National Signing Day, but that could also change.

This is Weber’s second visit to Ann Arbor in roughly four (4) days.

We will update you as this story progresses

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