USC RB Transfer Ty Isaac Will Visit Michigan Next Week

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UPDATED: (June 3rd, 2014) Isaac is currently visiting Michigan right now per Sam Webb. This is Michigan’s chance to make a sales pitch for Isaac, and I would hope they make a serious run at him.

For what it’s worth, Ty Isaac was one of the best running back prospects recently, and although he ended up at USC, family issues will force him to transfer schools, closer to home.

Isaac will have to transfer schools due to concerns for his mother’s health, so being close to home is the best option for him. Isaac will probably end up in Big Ten country, he is a native of Illinois. If he chooses to use a hardship waiver, he could play right away within 100 miles of his home. Ann Arbor is farther than the 100 mile radius, so he’d have to burn his redshirt.

He is scheduled to meet with the Illinois Fighting Illini and the Michigan Wolverines next week. Michigan fans should be excited that he will be on campus, and I’m sure some are already dreaming of what could be a pretty impressive stable of running backs if he chooses to go there. If Isaac ends up at Michigan, there are no telling signs that this will happen, but they could end up with a core made up of Derrick Green, De’Veon Smith, and Isaac. That is very impressive, and offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier would have a field day with that backfield.

Establishing in a solid run game will open up the playbook for Michigan, and would help the production of players like Jake Butt and Freddy Canteen. The thought of that would excite any coaching staff, so expect a full courtship of Isaac by the Wolverine staff.

Nothing is set in stone, after all it is just a visit. He may end up enjoying his visit at Illinois, and end up there, but let’s not narrow it down to two schools right away. The process takes some time, and patience is key.

We will update you as this story progresses.

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2 thoughts on “USC RB Transfer Ty Isaac Will Visit Michigan Next Week

  1. I remmember how close we were to getting Ty…but by him commiting to us and not playing till next year….would that be the end realistically to recruting Harris and Weber???? D.Harris is the best high school rb…M.Weber is a solid 4 star rb…Ty was a 5 star when he went to USC…I can’t see all these guys together and throw in “bane” Green…what u think??

    1. I think if you get an opportunity to bring in a player like Isaac, you have a running back who proved he can play already. It eliminates having two of them come in, possibly, but they can still add one of the two. It’s a “wait and see” approach now. It isn’t a bad thing adding Isaac.

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