UM Commit Shaun Crawford Set To Visit Notre Dame

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Ever since Brady Hoke has been the Head Coach for the University of Michigan, he has had his finger on the pulse of the nation in terms of recruiting. He has had strict rules for commits to follow, regardless of caliber. David Dawson had the same issue when he wanted to visit the Florida Gators in 2012. Hoke told Dawson that he was no longer considered a commit for their recruiting class, and continued his process, ultimately ending up back with the Wolverines.

There has been reports ( going around that 2015 Michigan commit Shaun Crawford will be visiting Notre Dame this weekend, which would lead to questions about his status with the Wolverines. Will Hoke still honor his commitment? Or will he ultimately decide that Crawford is undeclared? It is a hard question to answer, but it would be hard to explain not bringing in Crawford. He has a great playing career ahead of him, and to lose him to a rival, even if they wouldn’t face each other in the regular season, isn’t a smart move.

My gut feeling is that Crawford would not be a Wolverine commit by the weekend, but again, that’s just my opinion. We will see as the situation unfolds how the coaching staff handles this, but I do believe Crawford should be a member of this class. A class isn’t dependent on just one player, but he will be an impact player, so it makes sense to keep him.

Ultimately, Hoke’s track record isn’t the deciding factor in this situation, it’s Crawford’s choice. It is going to be an interesting series of events that will impact this class, whether it be in a positive or negative way. We’ll see what happens this weekend.

David Mormino
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