This Day in Michigan History (May 26th)

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As of today, we are just ninety-six (96) short days away from kick-off at The Big House. with that said, let’s look at a moment in Wolverine history, shall we?

This day last year, Brady Hoke picked up a commitment from his most significant recruit to date, having Jabrill Peppers commit to The University of Michigan on national television. As many Michigan fans remember, Peppers donned a winged helmet after he rapped about his decision.

Peppers has not stepped on the field yet, but he has already sent shockwaves throughout the Big Ten, and the entire country as a whole. From committing to play football in Ann Arbor, playing in the Under-Amour All-American Game, to signing with Michigan, Peppers has left his mark on a program not quite fully recovered from Lloyd Carr’s departure. Peppers will look to wake up a program with the most wins in college football history, even if it doesn’t feel that way as of late (8-5 in 2012, 7-6 in 2013.)

Although he may not directly impact the Wolverines football team, as far as production goes, until late August, Peppers proved to recruits that Michigan still has a lot to offer, regardless of record, as of late.

Peppers has a lot of expectations to live up to, but that is something he has done his whole life. He is a player that has been sought after since he began playing football, and the expectations were placed upon him shortly after. Whether it was an expectation of winning state-title after state-title, or overcoming family situations off the field, Peppers has lived up to his hype, and proved to be a well-educated, talented young man.

Peppers is a man that people would welcome with open arms to any football program, and him representing Michigan is something Wolverine fans should be proud of, regardless of production. He is a man of high character, and will represent his university, and more importantly, himself, very well throughout his career.

Wolverine fans should be excited for Peppers’ arrival to Ann Arbor, he will be a much needed spark plug for the football program.

David Mormino
Best in the World at The Big House Report
David Mormino is a 23 year old journalist for Graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Previously worked for and MLBAM. Podcast Host on WolverineSounds for The Book of Mormino.

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  1. It would be sheer folly to believe that Jabrill Peppers will arrive on campus & instantly solve all of the Wolverines recent football shortcomings. That being said, he does appear to have extraordinary talent and exudes confidence in his abilities, something, which has been woefully missing, on the current Michigan football roster.

    Go Blue

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