Lewan’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims “Taylor Is Lying” About December Altercation

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We are close to the next college football season, but we continue to report news that happened last year.

Taylor Lewan, former University of Michigan offensive tackle, was arrested in December for his part in an altercation after the Ohio State game.

The AP is reporting now that Lewan’s ex-girlfriend claims that he is lying about what happened, and she reportedly spoke in an interview, by phone, saying that he even told his mother about it the morning after. He apparently told his mother “I knocked a guy out,” according to his ex-girlfriend. His girlfriend is the sister of Drew Dileo, former Michigan receiver, and current Miami Dolphin roster hopeful.

This sounds like high school drama, but if Lewan really had a part in the situation, he could face jail time, a fine, or both. That would hinder his development in the NFL, but more importantly, it could affect his life significantly.

This situation is a bit murky at the time, but as the situation progresses, we will continue to update you.

Lewan was drafted number eleven (11) overall by the Tennessee Titans in this year’s draft.

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  1. Your article appears rather ambiguous. Are you saying that she was present during the alleged altercation or, that Taylor Lawan, according to hearsay from an ex-girlfriend, he has been somewhat inconsistent with his description of the incident?

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