Where Each of Michigan’s Players Fit Best in the NFL

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The NFL Draft is just three short weeks away, and there is still a lot to do in terms of talent evaluation, and who each team wants to draft. I’ve done some thinking, and now I think I know where each player from the University of Michigan should go, and where they will fit best.

First, there are a few Michigan players that are not really on people’s radar’s in the NFL just yet, but there has been nice improvement since the season ended, and when their talents were on display in their Pro Day in March.

You can check out my list after the jump.

WR Jeremy Gallon: I believe Jeremy Gallon has a lot of potential in the NFL. He isn’t the tallest man in the draft, and he isn’t the fastest man in the draft, but he has big play ability, and is always open. He is dangerous with the football in his hand, so making plays is something he has made a career out of. He could make an impact in the slot for a team in the NFL, and would make a quarterback extremely excited to throw to him.

Best Fit: New England Patriots.
Gallon would immediately make an impact if he was drafted by the Patriots. Tom Brady  would add another weapon to his offense, and he would be a nice replacement for Wes Welker. They haven’t been able to replace him since his departure to Denver, but Gallon would be a guy to look out for if he is still on the board in the 3rd Round and the Patriots have a pick.

OT Taylor Lewan: Lewan has been in the news lately, and not for good reasons. He was recently arrested for 3 misdemeanor assault chargers, but that has not seem to alter his draft stock at all. Lewan would be a guy to look out for this year, and for years to come. He has all the ability in the world, and has the chance to be a franchise Left Tackle for any team in need.

Best Fit: New York Giants.
Living in New Jersey, I’ve witnessed first hand how incredibly offensively-challenged the New York Giants truly are, and if they add Lewan, that would sure-up a line that needed a significant makeover this offseason. Combining Lewan with Right Tackle Justin Pugh, they Giants would quickly have two members of the offensive line that would solidify protection for Eli Manning for the duration of his career.

OT Michael Schofield: To me, Schofield is a wild card. As the Wolverine’s Right Tackle last season, he was apart of a line that vastly underperformed, but there was enough there to try and live the dream of anyone now and play in the NFL. He impressed in his workouts and the combine, so there is legitimate interest from teams, and he could be a serviceable OT in the league, given he goes to the right situation.

Best Fit: Kansas City Chiefs.  
The Chiefs lost a lot of players this offseason due to free agency, so now look for them to add some lineman depth in this year’s draft. Head Coach Andy Reid is one of the league’s premier coaches, so he could get the most out of Schofield. Eric Fisher was brought in last year with the first overall pick, but he was hurt a few times in his rookie campaign. Kansas City is a place where Schofield could fit right in, but also learn a lot as well.

Fitzgerald Toussaint: Toussaint is a player that I think would be a nice third-down back. He is a hard runner, and looks for contact when he runs, but also has nice speed as well. He matched Gallon’s 40 time at their pro day (4.49) so the speed is not an issue. Staying healthy and being productive are, however, and he hasn’t nearly been the runner he was in 2011, a season in which he ran for over 1,000 yards.

Best Fit: Green Bay Packers.
The Packers found a diamond in the rough with Eddy Lacy last draft, but this could be another option here. Toussaint and Lacy would be a pair of running backs that would wear down a defense as the game went on, and would add two bruiser backs to Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers has enough weapons as it is, but he certainly wouldn’t mind being able to hand the football off from time to time.

Thomas Gordon: Gordon is a player that I think could be a nice addition to a defense, but mainly a special teams player until he can prove he is a legitimate Safety. He played well last year for the Wolverines, and will now try and translate what he learned in his time at UM to the NFL. He could earn his way onto an NFL roster by being a special team option, but he could also make a case for a backup safety roll later in his career.

Best Fit: Cincinnati Bengals .
The Bengals are a team that I would look for Gordon to be drafted by, or signed as an undrafted free agent. They have turned players who were undrafted into stars, most recently Vonteze Burfict. Although he was much more talented than Gordon, but Gordon would be given an opportunity to prove himself. The Bengals would be a team to watch out for to end up with Gordon, and they could end up with a very nice player.

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