Michigan Football: Nussmeier and Spring Game

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Let’s take a deep breath first, people.  Right now, as we know it, Michigan Football on the offense side of the ball is still in the learning stage of getting to where it needs to be.  Granted this is the first televised practice its easy to jump to conclusions and as fans, we will.

Doug Nussmeier‘s voice at the conclusion of Saturdays practice was close to gone judging by what the Wolverines had shown on the field.   From dropped passes from wide receivers and missed assignments from the offensive line it was a long day for Michigan’s offense.

Like I said, this is the FIRST practice (televised) and it can be frustrating as fans to watch due to the fact of what we’d sat through two years prior.  Coach Nussmeier shows promise in his will to want to be successful and win just like any coach would; It’s just going to take time.

The offensive line struggling to “get by” during a game can be one of the most frustrating things to watch as fans.  I believe that it’s a focal point for coach Nuss to recognize that and to take action to make sure that this is the least of our issues once the season is underway.

Coach Nussmeier’s has a great opportunity to shine this season, with the Wolverines only averaging 3.3 yards per carry last season and allowed more than 100 tackles for loss.  We all know  implementing a new offense doesn’t happen over night and we don’t expect it too.  But, this is Michigan and we want back on the map.

Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College during the day, Michigan fanatic at night. Taking TBHR to the next level one post at a time.