Michigan Basketball Will Take European Road Trip This Summer

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The 2014-15 Michigan Wolverines basketball team will get to prepare for their season in a unique way this summer, as the team will head to Europe for ten days in August, per head coach John Beilein on the Inside Michigan Basketball television program.

“This is the year that we can go to Europe, so we’ll have another 10 days of practice that we can improve,” Beilein said. “We have some young kids coming in that now can go to Europe, so it will be a good time for us.”

During the offseason, the NCAA allows only eight weeks to put in work for the next year. These sessions are limited to two hours a week. Once every four years, the NCAA allows schools to take their teams overseas for extra work, and the window of opportunity is there for Michigan this summer.

Beilein last took his team to Europe in 2010, where they played in Belgium and Amsterdam. In the season following their European vacation, the Wolverines nearly advanced to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament, so the extra work certainly appeared to have paid off.

The entire cast of characters that will be on this trip is not fully known at this point, as some of the key members of this past year’s team have decisions to make in terms of entering the NBA Draft or not, but this trip would definitely be beneficial group that at the very least should compete for the Big Ten Championship next season.

Any time you can get extra practice in, it will benefit your program. This will give the Wolverines a head start over their competition and have roles for their incoming freshman and other contributors in mind for when the regular season begins.

But most important of all, it will give an already close knit group of players and coaches a chance to bond even more and develop the preseason chemistry it takes to get out to a quick regular season start.

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