Jon Horford Tranfers to Florida

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Jon Horford has transferred from the University of Michigan and will trade his maize and blue in for the blue and orange of the Florida Gators.

Horford was transferring due to issues involving little playing time, or not enough playing time for his liking. In a move that seemed like a good one at the time, immediately changes into a head-scratching scenario for all parties involved. If Horford wanted more playing time, why would he transfer into a school that was just a number one seed in the last NCAA Tournament?

I am happy for Horford, and I would enjoy seeing him succeed, even if he isn’t doing it as a Wolverine. To me, it would have made more sense to use his immediate eligibility on a smaller school, one to guarantee playing time, and a good experience for him. Now, he went from playing in spurts, he averaged 10.1 minutes per game, to possibly cutting that playing time in half. Florida is a team that oozes talent, and it will be the best players on the court, and, to me, there are better options on the team.

Horford is no slouch, and he is not a player that is just going to take up a scholarship, but Head Coach Billy Donovan has other choices to lean on. Horford would have fit in nicely at a MAC school, or a lower level Division I program, rather than going to a national powerhouse.

Michigan will miss Horford’s leadership, his wisdom, and his wits, but it wasn’t their decision to keep him or let him go, especially after what happened with Mitch McGary.

As Horford moves on, so does the Michigan Basketball team. He was a nice piece to come off the bench, and he will be missed, but it is what’s best for Horford, or at least to him it is. He will be welcomed into the Gators locker room almost immediately, and will be able to share his knowledge of the game to his new, younger team. The Gators got a leader, if nothing else, and it is good for Horford to try and make an impact on another program.

David Mormino
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