Caris LeVert Returning for Junior Season at Michigan

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Caris LeVert has announced that he will be returning for his junior season at the University of Michigan. LeVert told that he is, “100 percent” returning to the university, and that should have Michigan fans excited.

LeVert had an impressive sophomore season after being nearly a non-factor in the 2013 campaign, his freshman year. He averaged just short of 13 points per game (12.9ppg) in a season that few expected.
LeVert has gone a different route than a few of his peers, Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III have announced they will be entering the NBA Draft earlier this week, while LeVert will remain a Wolverine.
LeVert made arguably the biggest jump in terms of talent on his team, including Stauskas. Stauskas was a name that many people had in the back of their mind when the season started when thinking of who will breakout, but LeVert seemed to have came out of nowhere. He was incredibly impressive in big games for the Wolverines this year, and helped lead them to their second (2) straight Elite Eight. He helped Michigan develop an identity, and he was aggressive, positively, on both offense and defense.
Michigan has lost a lot so far this offseason, but keeping LeVert in Ann Arbor will help the Wolverines remain on top of the Big Ten standings, but he will not be able to do it all himself. He should be in F/C Mitch McGary‘s ear at all times trying to get him to stay on campus. It makes sense for both of them to stay, and if he does, that will take some of the burden off LeVert’s shoulders.
As the McGary situation unfolds, one thing remains clear, LeVert will be on campus next season, and will make a significant impact player for Michigan in 2014-15. It was hard to think that LeVert would leave, but then again people thought Robinson III should have stayed, and he left, so nothing is impossible. But he put all second-guessers to rest announcing his return to school on Thursday, and will now be the face of this team. He has a lot of responsibility now, but he is the right guy to take over the role. Michigan fans, welcome LeVert back to campus with open arms; he is the best player on the team now, a impact player, and no longer a question mark.
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