One Year Ago Today: The Shot That Defined Trey Burke’s Career

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One year ago today, we were given one of the greatest moments in college basketball history when the Michigan Wolverine‘s National Player of the Year Trey Burke hit one of the biggest shots in school history.

365 days removed from this moment, it does not feel any less special. Down by eight with just over a minute to play, the Wolverines rallied back and went to overtime after this incredible shot by Burke.

We will never forget where we were and what our surroundings were like when this took place. Personally, my grandfather had passed away the day before, and I honestly could have cared less that there was a basketball game being played. That game was background noise to me, and when they were down double digits in the second half, it felt like another punch to the gut.

When Michigan began their late comeback, my focus shifted from being being mournful to hoping for some sort of miracle to occur, which it ultimately did. Burke’s shot went down, and if for just a moment, everything felt okay.

This moment will always be special to me because not only was it on the biggest stage in college basketball, but because it was a much needed distraction in a time that my family needed it most.

What makes it even more special one year later is that on this same weekend, our Wolverines are still playing and have a shot to be in the Final Four with a win over Kentucky tomorrow.

So, thank you, Trey Burke. And thank you, Michigan basketball.

Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College during the day, Michigan fanatic at night. Taking TBHR to the next level one post at a time.