Nik Stauskas: Not Just a Shooter

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Nik Stauskas undoubtedly has made himself one of the most loved players in Michigan Basketball, from the clutch game winning performances to the consistency in the three point range. But Nik Stauskas has established a slogan that most Michigan Basketball fans can attest to and that is “Not just a shooter.”
While the 6-6 guard is only a sophomore, the NBA has already been mentioned. In previous seasons (2012-13) John Beilein has led and developed young talent that has ventured into the NBA (Trey Burke, and Tim Hardaway Jr.) One can think that this has crossed Nik’s mind a time or two.
With the Wolverines dominating 84-53 performance over the Illini last Tuesday night, Stauskas contributed 24 points and hitting his career high of seven three-pointers. Not only winning with such dominance, but this would also give Michigan the Big Ten conference title outright.
The statistics speak for themselves when it comes to the level that Stauskas is playing at. Watching post-game interviews, Stauskas will be the first one to speak on the team’s performance rather than his own. A leader is defined by guiding or directing with having influence on others. Stauskas displays all of these qualities on and off the court.
Watching Nik Stauskas play, the words “not just a shooter” come to mind because of his ability to play the game. While Stauskas is running down court to catch a pass and shoot a three, he is running back down court to play tough defense.

All in all, as Michigan fans, we hope to see Stauskas stay, while in the same breath we hope for the best for him, whether he enters the NBA Draft after this season, or he stays and has another career year. In our eyes, we’ll always remember that Stauskas isn’t just a shooter.

Derek Devine
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