Looking Forward to Michigan’s First Tournament Game

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It’s not the match up that people run from their desk to the nearest TV to watch. Actually, it’s not even a match up that people will get up out of their chair for.

The Michigan Wolverines take on Wofford on Thursday, and they are focused on washing the bad taste out of their mouth left by their rival, Michigan State, on Sunday in the final of Big Ten Tournament. Michigan was beat, and damn near embarrassed on national television. I don’t want to sound harsh, but they were beat by 14 points and made only 32% of their shots. 
Another main reason the Wolverines lost on Sunday was due to their turnovers, they had 9, and their foul trouble, which added up to 14. That is not what this Michigan team is about, and not what has made them into the second seed. 
Enough about Sunday’s loss, I needed to vent a bit. Wofford is a 15 seed and will be taking on the 2nd seeded Michigan team. Now the match up doesn’t scream “Hey guys, watch this game!” but they need to be careful. Michigan has a tendency to start off slow, and if that’s the case, they may need to come from behind against a far more inferior team. Illinois, a team they beat by 31 in their last regular season match up, did it to them in the Big Ten tournament, and that game came down to the last few seconds. 
I’m not saying that Michigan is on upset alert, I’m saying that they need to come out swinging, and put down Wofford early. If the Wolverines are going to advance deep into the tournament, they’ll need to capitalize on game like these, and save their legs for tougher opponents. They have Louisville, Duke, Kentucky and Wichita State all in their bracket, and they will need their guys ready for battle if they are matched up against one of these national powers. 
Coach John Beilein will have his team ready for the challenge, but the need to be aware of what is going on around them, and not have an early round exit, remember 2012 against the Ohio Bobcats? I think this team is on the same level as last year’s squad, they will just have to go out and prove it. 
It might be a good thing that they lost against Michigan State on Sunday, the focus has been shifted to the Spartans now, most people believe they will end up in the Final Four, and not many have had Michigan advance that far. Michigan could take the underdog approach, but it’s March, and madness is sure to unfold for any underdog, and the Wolverines could be one of the best underdog in recent memory. 
David Mormino
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