Jordan Morgan Tribute: Top Five Moments of 2013-14

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Jordan Morgan was the glue to the Michigan Wolverines basketball team this NCAA Tournament run, and it really wasn’t close. I feel like he’s all I’ve wrote about lately, but it is deserving. He was the main rebounder, defensive presence and a leader on and off the court. It goes without saying that Morgan had a lot to do with the success of the Wolverines and their run in the tournament.

I’ve listed the top five memorable moments of the season for Morgan, and you can take a look after the jump.
#5: The Entire Month Of March

Morgan was a beast throughout the month of March, and made sure the Wolverines were on top of their game. He helped guide his team to an outright Big Ten Title, scoring 84 points and snatching 57 rebounds over the last month. His numbers were impressive in the late stretch, and he helped his team tremendously. 
#4: Charge Against Tennessee 
You could hear the constant thoughts of the Wolverine fans from miles away. All some way or another relating this sequence to Chris Webber’s infamous timeout against North Carolina on April 5th, 1993. Caris LeVert caught an inbound pass while being draped with a Tennessee defender, and ultimately stepped out of bounds and handed the ball over to the Volunteers. Shortly after, Morgan sealed a victory by taking a charge for the ages. Morgan felt like he was snubbed at the Big Ten Award Ceremony by not receiving any award, but he made sure everyone knew he could play. The charge was a gutsy effort, and helped Michigan advance to the Elite Eight.

#3: Defeating Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan State in Succession 

Morgan and his team achieved an incredible feat this season after taking down three (3) AP Top 10 teams in a row from January 18-25th. He helped turn away (3)Wisonsin, (10)Iowa, (3)Michigan State in back-to-back-to-back games, which is impressive in itself. He totaled 22 points and 20 rebounds during the three game run, and the wins brought Michigan as high as number 10 in the Nation. 
#2: Finishing the Season Ranked in the AP Top 10 
It was an impressive season, but it was very cool to see Michigan ranked in the last Top 10 of the season in the NCAA. Up until 2012, Michigan basketball fans have had a hard time justifying why they root for their team because of the lack of success, but that has dramtically changed. Pride was restored to the program, and Morgan was apart of a team that changed the culture of one of the Nation’s most esteemed institutions. Michigan finished ranked number 7 in the poll. 
#1: Winning an Outright Big Ten Title

For the first time since 1986, Michigan won an outright Big Ten Championship. That is a huge accomplishment for a team that was barely keeping it’s head above water when Morgan got to campus. He has helped bring a program back from the dead, and was apart of 4 teams that qualified for the NCAA Tournament, a National Championship and 2 Elite Eight appearances. This year’s accomplishments may not be as flashy as teams in the past, but conference titles mean a lot to a program. 
Jordan Morgan was a player that handled his business, graduated with a Bachelor degree in Science of Engineering, and left his mark on a program that will be grateful for many years to come. Morgan was never the sexy pick when asked who the best player on Michigan was, but he was always in the back of people’s mind when asked who is most important. He may not be Nik Stauskas in terms of scoring and totaling videogame type numbers, but he was the player the team leaned on when they needed leadership. Thank you, Mr. Morgan. 
David Mormino
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