Bob Ufer: The Voice of “Meeechigan” Football

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Bob Ufer was the voice of Michigan Football and still is in our hearts as Michigan fans.  On Saturday afternoons, you looked forward to two things: the Michigan Wolverines getting a win and hearing Ufer’s voice to add the excitement to your experience. While most of the younger generation of Michigan fans don’t know who Bob Ufer was, he solidified your true reason to bleed the Maize and Blue.

Ufer attended the University of Michigan from 1939-1943 and began broadcasting in 1945.  In 1946, a year after he began his broadcasting career for Michigan Football, he came down with ulcerated colitis. Doctors ordered him to quit broadcasting.  Ufer agreed on the condition that he could continue to call the football games.

Ufer loved nothing more than his Michigan Wolverines and wasn’t afraid to make that apparent while broadcasting in such a eloquent way that it was who he was rooting for.  Opposing teams while watching or listening to his broadcast could do nothing but smile when Ufer would use one of his “Uferism’s” such as the well known Michigan referred to as “Meechigan.”

While listening to the game Ufer would paint a picture as if he were speaking to fans that’d never experienced the Big House before.  With the banner being displayed and the crowed roaring as the Michigan Wolverines were about to take the field it was chilling in a sense as if you were there.

Ufer lived and died for Michigan Football to where you could hear it in his voice (when he didn’t lose it.) The Michigan players were like family to him and Ufer made them feel important to Michigan.  Bob Ufer will always be remembered as the voice of Michigan Football and will never be forgotten.

Derek Devine
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