TBHR Interviews: Maize N Brew Writer Josh Henschke

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As many of you know, The Big House Report was created some years ago by Josh Henschke, an aspiring journalist and fan of the University of Michigan.

TBHR was a platform that Henschke used to realize his dream of becoming a writer, and just recently, he took another step towards realizing that and achieving his goals, as he left this website for SB Nation’s Maize N Brew.

Henschke has not forgotten where he came from, so he has agreed to do a weekly interview series with TBHR on all-things Michigan. You can check out our first post-TBHR talk with Josh after the jump.

TBHR: First of all, congrats on the new gig over at Maize N Brew and having a weekly column in the Detroit Free Pres. That’s a huge step up from TBHR.

Josh Henschke: Thank you! It’s a really awesome opportunity that I plan on making the most of. When I started TBHR, this was a fun little hobby for me. Little did I know that this little project would turn into something bigger. Now that I’ve moved on to a bigger platform, I felt like I’ve watched my child grow up and move out before my eyes. I’ll miss TBHR, but I know it’s in good hands with you.

TBHR: *Aw shucks* What are you thoughts on the weekend that was in Michigan basketball?

JH: Well, just a whole lot of “meh,” is really what comes to mind. Hindsight is 20/20 but beating Wisconsin would’ve been really big if we knew that the Spartans were going to lose against Nebraska. But, alas, Michigan had their butts kicked straight out of the gym. Perhaps both teams were caught with their pants down, so to speak, and looking ahead to next week.

TBHR: Should fans be worried by losing 3 out of the last 4 games, or is it just something that comes with the territory for a young team?

JH: All teams go through their down stretches. We saw it with the fantastic team Michigan had last season, they were young then as well. The youth will be fine, and I think this rough stretch is a learning experience for everyone. What better way to get back on course with a big win against Michigan State.

TBHR: There were a ton of 2016 and 2017 recruits in attendance over the weekend. What kind of feedback have you heard about these visits?

JH: A lot of these kids that visited were mainly recruits without offers save for 2016 OL commit Erik Swenson. So these visits were mainly introductory visits to get familiarized with campus. Also, it allows the kids to chat with the coaching staff to get an idea of their coaching philosophies and how they fit within the offense/defense. Overall, it was a solid weekend. A lot of the kids left impressed, which is always a good thing. Hopefully that translates to some solid talent committing to Michigan in the future.

TBHR: You’ve started making crystal ball predictions for 247 Sports. Do you see any chance of there being a commit watch soon?

JH: I’m really appreciative for the chance to make predictions with the awesome Crystal Ball feature 247 provides. I think they’re really ahead of the pack in terms of coverage and cool features for recruiting fans.

As far as commitments go, one or two could be on the horizon. I’m not going to say whether or not a commit watch will go in effect because I simply don’t know. But if I had to name a recruit, someone like a Thiyo Lukusa who changed his schedule in order to visit campus the next two weekends, there’s a good chance it could happen. But, again. I can’t say with confidence it’s going to happen, just a possibility for now.

TBHR: How do you see Jake Butt’s injury affecting Team 135?

JH: Losing Butt is obviously a huge loss and Michigan will lose some production with the tight end position until he comes back healthy. Depending on when he comes back, he could very may well play this season. But not every kid is Jake Ryan and has a freakish rehab. This might open up opportunities for guys like AJ Williams or Khalid Hill to step up and perform or even utilize them in the running game. I would like to mention Ian Bunting, but I don’t know how much weight he can put on from now until Fall. He’s a bit underweight and probably not quite ready yet. But we’ll see.

TBHR: What are your thoughts on the potential endowment of the head coaching position?

JH: It is what it is at this point. Yes, it is a formal title and yes it is silly, but Hoke will always be the Head Coach. Dave Brandon has a strange endowed title too, but it’s never used. At any rate, $10 million is a lot of money for the Athletic Department that could be put to good use somehow. I just wish that money could be used towards the students and more scholarships.

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