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Keisean Lucier-South is a name that is “blowing up” so to speak in the recruiting world right now. Hailing from Orange, Calif., he is a four-star prospect and the 44th-overall player in the class of 2015, according to’s composite rankings.

Looking at his tape, it is easy to see why coaches are starting to take notice of him going into his senior season. He has all the attributes of an elite pass-rusher and still has room to grow.

Brady Hoke and the Michigan Wolverines are in the mix for his talents, and TBHR caught up with him on Monday afternoon to check in on the recruiting process. You can check out the interview after the jump.

TBHR: How is the recruiting process going?

KLS: “Man, it’s insane now. Before signing day, it was alright. After that, it became insane because all of the coaches are now focused on the 2015 class. I’m getting a ton of letters and calls and everything.”

Have you narrowed schools down in your head at all?

“Everything is up in the air right now. I haven’t thought a lot about the schools I’m looking into at the moment. I honestly don’t know yet.”

What kinds of things are you looking for in a school?

“Things like academics, relationship with the coaches, things like that are what I’m looking for.”

Where does Michigan fit into all of those offers?

“Right now, they’re really sitting good. I have a great relationship with the coaches. They send me a lot of mail.”

Who from the staff are you in contact with?

“I have talked to Coach (Chris) Singletary and Coach (Dan) Ferrigno.”

Have they said how a player with your skill set would fit into their system?

“They said I would be a hands-down guy in a 4-3 or a SAM in a 3-4. That’s really it.”

Are you planning on taking any visits to Michigan?

“Yes. I am hoping to visit in the spring or summer.”

Going into your senior season, what are some things you can do to improve as a football player?

“One of the things I can do to improve is to gain weight. Everybody has told me I have to gain some weight. Right now I am around 220 pounds. I’d like to get up to 230 before I graduate. I am trying to improve my speed in terms of getting off the ball and my first two steps. Also, I’m trying to gain strength.”

Do you have a timetable to make a decision?

“I’m going to wait until (2015’s) Signing Day. I don’t want to commit early if there are other schools I am still interested in, so I just want to wait until then to see who I like.”

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