Introducing Brian Sakowski

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Hello Michigan Community:

My name is Brian Sakowski, and I am your newest Michigan athletics scribe here at The Big House Report.
Many of you know me already from interacting on twitter, but for those who don’t, I figured I’d do a little introductory post. Anyways, here we go:
I’m currently a senior at Central Michigan University, where I’m finishing my degree in Political Science/International Relations and Leadership. I work as a baseball scout for Perfect Game USA, and as many of are well aware, my passion is baseball. I used to be the prospects and scouting writer over at Bless You Boys (SBNation Tigers site), so I’m sure a few of you will remember my name from those days. 
As for what I’ll be doing here at TBHR, well, you guys can expect a little bit of everything. I’ll be writing some stuff about Michigan Baseball, but I’m aware that baseball plays 2nd fiddle to football and basketball in the scope of college athletics. If my baseball content isn’t popular, then I’ll stop writing it. No worries. When it comes to football, my passion is from the coaching side of things. I’ll break down some film (not to the extent of sites like Touch the Banner or MGoBlog); I’ll do some projections; and I’m sure I’ll have a rant or two.
Our Fearless Leader, Anthony, was kind enough to offer me a pretty wide berth in terms of what I can/can’t write here, so I intend to take advantage of that by writing a lot of stuff on a lot of topics. What ends up being popular is what I’ll focus on as time goes on. You guys tell me. What do you want to read? What am I good at? What should I just forget about? This is a site for Michigan fans, and I intend to write stuff that Michigan fans will enjoy.
That being said…there will be times that I write stuff that people will disagree with. That’s fine. Just keep your disagreements respectful. I don’t ask that you agree with everything I say, I only ask that you keep it civil and respectful when airing your disagreements. I love a good debate, but let’s keep it classy, ok? This is TBHR, not RCMB.
Signing off for now.
P.S. Feel free to follow me/contact me on twitter @B_Sakowski_PG
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