Film Breakdown: Tyrone Wheatley Jr.

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Tyrone Wheatley Jr. is a TE prospect high on Michigan’s radar in the 2015 recruiting class. The 6’6 230 pound TE is a player that really jumps out at you while watching his film. Immediately you notice that this player has legitimate chance at being a big time player for the program he chooses.

Whether it be his speed, his ability to do multiple things while playing the position, or his frame. Something will make you say, “I wouldn’t mind him as my team’s tight end.”
I’ve watched some tape and you can view my breakdown of his game after the jump.

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  •  Speed: Wheatley Jr. is very quick for a player with his build. That will help him with his route running and will give him another advantage during goal line situations.
  • Good Size/Build: He is only a Junior in high school and he already is well over six-feet tall. Combine that with his weight, 235 pounds, he’ll adjust well to the run game and will be able to hold his own while still adding pounds of muscle on a college weight training program. 

  • Good Hands: Anytime a player has good hands, that helps your team. Wheatley Jr. has good hands and that is a great feature to have for a TE, obviously. Wheatley Jr. will be a good option for his quarterback on 3rd downs and will act as a nice security blanket if a play breaks down or if the QB needs to check down. 
He will have things to improve on, such as beating his man off the ball  and his blocking ability, to name a few. But nothing that makes you throw up a red flag. He has a nice build so blocking will come to him as he grows into his body. 
Overall, Wheatley Jr. is a player that I think has a chance to become a nice addition to any offense he wants. He has the ability to get open and make plays when the ball is in his hands. If he adds a bit more mass, and adjust to the blocking schemes, he’ll be able to improve his game tenfold. 
OFFERS: Michigan, USC, Alabama, Miami (FL), Washington. As well as five others.

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