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Michigan seems to have it’s finger on the running back’s in the 2015 recruiting class. Mike Weber is one that should be included in that group.

Recently Michigan lost a pledge from Damien Harris after the firing of their OC Al Borges. As a result of losing Harris, as of now, in 2015, who has also said that Michigan remains at the top of his list, Weber’s name has surfaced. Many believe that he may end up at Ohio state, but I would pump the breaks now after the Harris fallout. 
Weber attends Cass. Tech in Michigan, who has been a pipeline for Michigan as of late, so that could be something that sways Weber during the process. However, I don’t think simply because of where he is from will decide everything for him. There is a good relationship with Michigan as far as his coaching staff goes, so interest will be there for him. 
I’ve reviewed the film and you can check out what I think Weber’s best attributes are, and what he needs to work on, after the jump. 

Power Runner: While watching the tape, Weber’s power running really jumps out at you. He shows great ability to lower his shoulder and take on incoming tacklers. 

Break Tackles: Weber is as good as anyone breaking tackles. He makes sure an opposing defender wraps him up, or he will make them pay. Breaking arm tackles is a big part of his game, and is something he will need to maintain at the next level. 
Strength: Being the power runner that Weber is, he wears down a defense. Having a strong set of legs really helps him outlast defenders, and play smash-mouth football. 
Good Speed But Not Great: He has good, but not elite speed. That is something you’ll have to sacrafice if you want a power runner, and being a player with blazing speed doesn’t necessarily guarantee you success. 
Not A Home Run Hitter: Another thing you will have to sacrifice if Weber signs is he won’t hit that “home run” for you. What I mean by that is that drives will average more plays prior to touchdowns, rather than one or two carries. 

Overall, Weber is a player to watch in 2015, and he has the build and playing style to play in the Big Ten. Power running will always be a staple of Big Ten football, and Weber could be a player similar to Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon at the next level. 
Offers: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Florida, Notre Dame. Also 6 others.

David Mormino
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