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Michigan lost two key members of their WR core after the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, star Jeremy Gallon is almost certain to go to the NFL, and Drew Dileo, who’s power slide against Northwestern will never be forgotten.

Incoming freshman Drake Harris will be sure to make an impact this season, as will players like Devin Funchess, Dennis Norfleet and Jehu Chesson. That is a nice core of receivers for the Wolverines, but more help could be on the horizon.

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Devante Peete is one of the newest 2015 recruits who have received a Michigan offer.  I can’t help but think about what Michigan’s offense could do with a guy like Peete, Harris and a backfield of Derrick Green and DeVeon Smith. Peete is a 6’5 wideout, and any quarterback would sign up to have a player of similar stature. Peete is a guy you would normally line up on the outside and use as a nice “big play” threat, and that is a big part of his game.

While watching the tape, you notice that Peete is a big play waiting to happen. Often, he is a mismatch against any defensive back, and he uses it to his advantage quite well. He is a nice target to have, and to me, he screams red-zone threat. Whenever his team is near the red-zone, you need to look Peete’s way, or you will get burned. 
I’ve watched his film and I took away things I like from Peete’s game. 
Legitimate “Number 1”: He has the build to be a legitimate outside receiver at the next level, and has the ability to develop into a QB’s first option. 
Good Build: Peete is already 6′-5 and 190 pounds, which is a nice frame to build on. A big target for his quarterback and his height gives him a significant advantage over defensive backs. 
Big Play Receiver: A receiver that is dangerous when he gets in space. He can easily turn plays from short gains, to touchdowns. 
Not Afraid Of Contact: Peete will not be afraid to go across the middle and catch the football. He isn’t going to tense up and drop passes when hit. 
Overall, Peete is a good prospect with good potential. His leaping ability, combined with his frame and footwork will make him a legitimate threat as a number 1 receiver. He has all the tools to be a solid contributor throughout his college years. Right now he doesn’t have many offers, but they are impressive, and you can check them out at the bottom of this article. Once he attends college showcases and combines the offers will start coming in. As a 4 star recruit already, he could end up being a top recruit at his position. I look forward to seeing how his process turns out. 
OFFERS: Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, West Virginia, Purdue and Alabama. 

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