With Borges Fired, Does UM Need to Do More?

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The University of Michigan has been relatively quiet since their 31-14 trouncing at the hands of Kansas State in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. That has changed today as the University has announced OC Al Borges has been fired effective immediately. I won’t get into that, check out TBHR’s Anthony Broome has that covered in another article for the site and could be found here. http://thebighousereport.com/2014/01/a-pulse-in-ann-arbor-al-borges-has-been-fired.html

My time here is to focus on more things the Michigan needs to do to have a successful 2014 season. Many people felt that this Michigan team should have done far better than an appearance in a December bowl game, let alone a handful of embarrassing performances. Yes, the team is young. Yes, the team was through growing pains. Neither one of those things should have been a crutch for Michigan thoughtout the season, and majority of the fan base knows that. Hoke has let go of his offense coordinator, and a long time buddy of his, for the betterment and development of the team, but should he stop there?
My thoughts are probably with most of you. He needs to do more. Getting an offensive line coach and a quarterbacks coach should be at the very top of Hoke’s list.

First and foremost, I’m aware that Michigan has an OL Coach in Funk, as well as the limitations the NCAA has as far as assistants go, but this is just something to stir the pot a bit considering all the changes. 

My first choice for an offensive line coach is Greg Studrawa from LSU. He has recently left the team for, “better opportunities,” and I think he’d fit nicely with the Wolverines. He’s dealt with players who are similar to the players at Michigan, and I think he’d work very nicely with a team trying to return to a smashmouth style of football. He could really help develop the young line for Michigan and it could end up paying huge dividends at the end of the day. He also would be a dark horse for the OC job. (He was LSU’s until Cam Cameron was hired)

Secondly, a guy like Pat Ruel from USC is a guy that could help. Developing young OL is a huge thing, especially in the Big Ten. He’s recently developed Matt Khalil, a top draft pick in 2012, and Sam Baker. That makes me believe he can turn someone like Kyle Kalis into a star, instead of a project player. 

Also, guys like Rick Trickett of Florida State, Mac McWhorter of Texas come to mind. McWhorter may be an easier sell after the fallout of Mac Brown at Texas. 

The QB coach is something I would love to see. Give me anyone. Anyone who can develop QB’s. UM has 3 talented QB’s heading into 2014 and not one should not be ready to take the first team snaps. Hell, give me Trent Dilfer for all I care, just someone who knows that QBs are essential to a winning program. 

Donovan Dooley is a Detroit native and he’s worked with Shane Morris already, so the relationship is there. He’s also had a huge impact as far as developing QBs in the Midwest. He’s been a QB coach at Albion, so there is some experience that is there. 

Another guy I like is Terry Shea. Yes he’s in the later stages of his 60’s but he’s played the position at Oregon during his playing days, and he’s also developed Matt Barkley leading up to the NFL draft last year. There has been several QBs that have been coached by him, the most recent being Barkely, Geno Smith and Tyler Wilson. 

Michigan has two huge problems heading into 2014, and they can be addressed this offseason fairly quickly. I am not saying they need to fire Funk, more of saying that they could improve as far as developing goes, and maybe a second or third coaching change could light that fire. It should be interesting to see who UM goes after, if anyone at all. I’ll buckle up for this offseason, it should be a good one. 
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