The curious case of Dave Brandon at a presser [Video]

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With new offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier introduced and ready to roll (no pun intended,) it seems that his presser was overshadowed by an appearance from Athletic Director, supreme ruler and sky writer extraordinaire, Dave Brandon.

What many are calling a “weird” presser, Brandon took questions after it was over. Even when head coach Brady Hoke and Nussmeier took questions of their own and had their chance to speak. Which, in its own right, is fairly strange. Most AD’s would be satisfied with their head coach speaking. Not in this case.

In the past, Brandon has been accused of meddling with the athletic programs and being too involved as an AD. Though many of his grand schemes have been utter flops and angered many (alternate jerseys, raising of ticket prices and general admission student section) this might be the tip of the iceberg.
Below is the video of the impromptu “presser” with Brandon (h/t MGoVideo.)

Considering the source (this is Dave Brandon we are talking about) and the event of hiring a staff member who Brandon cuts the paycheck to, he has every right to be there. Sure, it may seem like he is an overbearing parent, but there is nothing wrong with being there. Regardless of gathering reporters around him, he was bound to have reporters asking him questions. Considering how outspoken of a person he is, the results are predictable.
This is Dave Brandon, what do you expect?

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