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I just got off the phone with freshly offered TE prospect Chris Clark. Clark seemed to be ecstatic on Twitter today after the Michigan offer calling it a “dream come true.”

What did Clark have to say? You can check out the highlights of our conversation after the jump.

  • Special Teams/Tight Ends coach came to school today and let Clark’s coaches know that he has a Michigan offer. Said Ferrigno loved his size, what he can do in the slot and his ability to go into the three-point stance. Clark mentioned that he is a multifaceted tight end, can catch the ball and also likes to block.
  • Clark was really excited about the offer. Mentioned the Big House and the dedication of the fanbase. He also called Michigan an “elite program.” Said it was an offer he really wanted because he grew up watching Michigan as a child and it’s always cool to hear from programs that remind him of his childhood.
  • As far as top schools go, he currently doesn’t have one. But after Michigan offered he said that he is really interested in Michigan and they are up there for him. One can assume that they jumped right up into his top schools.
  • He plans on taking a visit to Michigan in March. According to his Twitter, he is visiting Georgia tomorrow.
  • There is no timeline yet for a decision. But he would like to get it done before his senior year. He said to me, “Any time from now until August I would like to get it done.”
I think Michigan just catapulted themselves right into the mix for this talented TE. Ohio State and Georgia are presumed leaders for Clark, but with this current offer and knocking the visit out of the park in March, that could very well change.
I will be following Clark’s recruitment process as it goes along and will post more updates when I get them.
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