Michigan Offers 2015 DE Keisean Lucier-South

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Not many people may know the name yet, but chances are they will by the summer time, at the latest. Keisean Lucier-South has a very nice build for a DE his age, and will have time to improve on that once he gets into a college weight program. As of his latest weighing and measuring, he stands at six-foot four and weighs nearly 200+ pounds. He has a shot to make waves early in his career, but a lot of it will be on his shoulders.

It’s not everyday that you get a player in peak physical form who can dominate like Lucier-South can, so it will be up to him to improve his game from his senior year, until he signs in February of 2015.

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There are some things that I really enjoy watching when game tape is put on, one of them being his speed. It really is fun to watch a player his size move as quickly as he does, and that only helps improve his game. He has a natural ability to get up the field quickly and chase down runners if it came down to it, he also has that same instinct to get after the quarterback on passing downs. He has been clocked at 4.95 while running his 40 yard dash (ESPN.com.) Quarterbacks get paranoid when players like Lucier-South get into the backfield or are matched up against their left tackle, and that alone can affect the passing game.

He has gained a reputation for really manhandling the OL he goes up against, often tossing players around like a rag-doll and getting into the backfield quick. He reminds me a lot of New York Giants’ DE Jason Pierre-Paul or Detriot Lions’ DE Ziggy Ansah, mainly because of his raw athleticism and speed rushing abilities. He has a lot of tools to be successful at the next level.

He was quoted months prior to his recent offer from Michigan saying, “Honestly I don’t really have a favorite, but Michigan would be high if they offered.” (per MGoBlog.com) So that is something I would keep my eye on if I were a Michigan fan. It seems as though he has legitimate interest in the Wolverines, and it seems like they are as well. Anytime you can improve a defensive line that had little-to-no pass rush, it is a win-win for your program, and the player interested. There is no “commit-watch” nonsense going on here, he will more than likely decide closer to signing day of 2015, than signing day 2014. He won’t rush it, and I’m sure that there are teams closer to his hometown, Orange, California, that will try and prevent the Wolverines from stealing him.

Lucier-South has a pretty impressive list so far, headlined by USC, Texas, Michigan, Oregon, UCLA and Notre Dame. The list is long, and it will only continue to grow from this point on. He has a lot of ability and a lot to like, but he does have things to work on as well, majority being in the weight room. If he builds on his strength training and he gets his weight up, he could end up being a prime time player. He is a highly touted player already, and Michigan fans will surely get to know this man before it is all said and done. He is currently ranked as a 4 star DE recruit according to 247sports.com. 

There is a lot to like, and I’m sure that his game will improve. Whoever ends up landing this DE is going to get a player that will cause havoc in the backfield, and will have a chance to develop a great pass-rusher. Lucier-South will be a player to watch during his senior year. But remember, he will more than likely let the process run it’s course prior to a commitment, so I wouldn’t get too excited just yet.

Below, you can find Lucier-South’s sophomore highlight film.

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