Michigan and Florida set to face off in Dallas in 2017

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There hasn’t been much buzz around either program as of late, well other than what coaches should be fired or not, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t big news.

Earlier today, it was announced that Michigan and Florida will face off in Dallas inside of “Jerry’s World” in 2017. This game should, and will, have a lot of hype around it once the 2017 season rolls around. Both programs do not necessarily need the exposure, but it will help both heavily in terms of national spotlight, in the eyes of voters, the men and women who determine who gets a bid in the 4-team playoff and also recruits early on.
Michigan has been to Dallas before, and would like to erase what most people remember about their last trip, a 41-14 trouncing from eventual National Champion Alabama. So maybe a 5 year layoff from the city will do the Wolverines some good and have them more prepared than the last time they were in town, but a Florida team is almost guaranteed to be successful, so UM will certainly have to show up this time around. 

Now to the more difficult part of this game. My big question is about the coaching staffs. I don’t mean if each staff will have their team ready to play, it’s if the current staffs will actually be there. There has been rumors swirling that each coach has a very short leash, although both AD’s have cooled them down as of late by showing support of their head coaches respectively. If Will Muschamp and Brady Hoke are still apart of their programs, it will be fun, but if they’re not, it could be a lopsided game depending on what way you look at it. Now this does not hold any water, but say Michigan parts ways with Hoke, they could be able to land current LSU coach Les Miles, a Michigan alumnis, which could be huge against a familiar opponent. And say Florida decides to move on from Muschamp, they could be in line for another big time head coach as well. It could quickly go from something that sounds like a “dud” as of now, to an absolutely huge game. Remember, that’s just me playing devils advocate. 

Furthermore, I really like this matchup because of the national powerhouses involved. It’s very cool to see two well respected universities go head-to-head and one game I think everyone will tune in for once game day rolls around. Speaking of game day, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see ESPN bring their crew down south to hype up the matchup that morning. 

So with all the buzz, the national recognition, the money and the game itself, we could have a good one on our hands. A part of me wishes it was a home-and-home series, seeing UM down at “The Swamp,” or UF in “The Big House,” would make the child in me go berserk. Tradition, well respected programs, and the national spotlight all hosted by America’s team? Sign me up any day of the week. I look forward to seeing the game, and I’m sure you are too. 

As always, Go Blue
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