Heartbreak in Ann Arbor

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If you compare a whole season’s work, Michigan had no business being within a point of Ohio State yesterday.

But, they were. That is what makes college football so great.

As I sat in the stands dejected and heartbroken after the game, I thought to myself, “why am I even upset?” Undoubtedly I witnessed one of the greatest football games of my life, regardless of outcomes. It was almost a repeat of 1969, an underdog story only a movie could recreate. In this case, the underdog fell just two points short. Two incredibly close points it could reach for but just couldn’t take.

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke will sure receive criticism and skepticism throughout the week for the failed two-point conversion call. My rebuttal to that is, what does Michigan have to lose? Hoke asked the seniors what they wanted and they wanted the win. I simply can’t fault them for that.
Michigan had difficulties stopping the run yesterday. Carlos Hyde came up big for the Buckeyes, rushing for 226 yards and a touchdown. Braxton Miller also torched Michigan on the ground for 153 yards and three touchdowns. The glaring reason why Michigan lost this game was their rush defense, overcoming almost 400 yards given to your opponent on the ground is tough to make up.

Michigan had the Buckeyes where they wanted them, they just couldn’t execute.

Michigan was paced by a familiar face yesterday, that man was Jeremy Gallon. Gallon finished with a heroic 175 yard and one touchdown performance. When Gallon was needed to come up big, he did. Gallon, celebrating senior day, will be sorely missed after this season. His efforts certainly cemented himself within the top group of wide receivers in Michigan history.

As the regular season comes to a close, as does something special on a personal level.

My time in the student section is over. The Big House is a magical place and I couldn’t think of a better stadium to be on Saturday’s during the fall. Though this isn’t truly a goodbye it’s just simply an end of an era for me.

This season did not go as planned for the Wolverines. A 7-5 season is nothing to write home about, but the way it ended certainly did. To take your bitter rivals, the number three team in the country, to the very end in a game where you had no business keeping it close, I’ll take it. There are no moral victories in football, but that was as good as it gets.

As the sun sets on the 2013 season, with a bowl game to go. We look to the future. The cavalry (depth) is coming and Michigan should be well-stocked with talent. Who knows what happens with this coaching staff, but one thing remains certain. Brady Hoke is the right man for Michigan.
Derek Devine
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