Offense stalls in latest Saturday blunder, 24-21 loss to Iowa

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Heading into the second half of today’s game with a 14-point lead and having both offensive and defensive units rolling would surely equal a victory, right? Dead wrong. This was the case today as the Michigan offense completely no-showed in the second half and Michigan gave up 17 unanswered points in their latest 24-21 losing effort to Iowa.

This is why Michigan fans can’t have nice things.

A search party should’ve been conducted for the Michigan offense in the second half. Heading late into the fourth quarter, Michigan only managed six yards of offense in the second half. Six. Yards. Jeremy Jackson would catch a pass for 18-yards a short time later subsequently tripling their offensive output.

Michigan finished the game with 158 yards. Not to mention Michigan only managed to get ten first downs the entire game. How in anyone’s world is that acceptable? That’s not Michigan, that is not Big Ten. Those stats are reserved for obscure D-3 schools who are just happy to have a football program. The blame game has gone on for too long, Michigan just flat-out stinks.

This is the same old Michigan football that’s been on repeat all year, this loss shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The Iowa defense shut everything down in the second half. Every play that was working in the first half failed to work in the second. This has been an all too familiar storyline as the season progresses. The offense freezes, Michigan stumbles and often times plays themselves right out of the game. The second half today was the best example of this.

Not only did the offense completely seize up, it was embarrassing. There’s no one to blame here but Al Borges. Looking back at his body of work, this should seal his fate. There is no reason to believe that he should return as offensive coordinator next season. Michigan does not have a bad football team on paper, Borges makes this a bad football team.

Brady Hoke needs to look inwardly after the season is over and think about the status of his staff. Does he show loyalty to Borges or does he show loyalty to the progression of his program? The answer should be clear.

The only bright spot on this day was the Michigan defense. In fact, Greg Mattison should be a deity in Ann Arbor right now. If it wasn’t for his leadership with the defense, we are looking at a five or worse loss team. Blake Countess and Ramon Taylor came up huge with a pair of interceptions. Even oft-shuffled Brennan Byer had a pick-six to open up the scoring for the Wolverines.

Now I know how Akron feels. To dominate the turnover ratio but still lose? Something deeper is happening here.

Dan Wetzel said it best. Michigan is slowly turning into what Notre Dame was with Charlie Weis. A team full of good recruits that failed to produce on the football field. This is what it has come to, comparisons to Notre Dame football. What has Michigan proven otherwise to argue the opposite? We’ve fallen a long way from 97.

With Ohio State heading to Ann Arbor and determined to finish the year 12-0, it’s not going to be pretty. Michigan is dangerously close from being ran out of their own stadium next Saturday. That thought alone is unacceptable.

For the Wolverines, the nightmare of 2013 is almost over. As a season many would love to forget, many are hoping this nightmare does not get stuck on repeat.

Derek Devine
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