Hate tweets collected: The Devin Gardner edition (Reader disrcetion advised)

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It came out this week straight from the man himself. Michigan starting quarterback, Devin Gardner, has been receiving hate mail on Twitter from so-called “fans.” Personally, it is incredibly unfair to lambaste a college kid on Twitter or any social media outlet directly.

This isn’t the NFL, the kids (emphasis on the kid portion) are going to school to get a degree and play football. Millions aren’t on the line here.

So, with that being said, I shamefully collected some tweets to Devin Gardner (@qu9rter8ack) from whom I suspect are Michigan fans.

As always with these kinds of posts, reader discretion is advised. There is some nasty language here.

has @qu9rter8ack apologized to the Harmon family yet? #givebackthejersey #NEBvsMICH
— Mac Vanandel (@StealYoRedBull) November 9, 2013

You fucking suck! Can’t even run the ball when your getting pressured PUSSY!!! @qu9rter8ack
— @ (@Jaylen_23_) November 9, 2013

Fuck Michigan they suck @qu9rter8ack and you suck too do something
— Josh Weed (@JoshWeed24) November 9, 2013

@qu9rter8ack wow you fuckin suck. Hang up the cleats you goof. You can’t even muster up more than a touchdown. YOUR A GOOOOOOF
— Andy Chilvers (@ChillytheKidd) November 9, 2013

@qu9rter8ack sorry ,but you suck as QB! You can’t make a decision and then you get sacked
— Robert Hardin (@HardinRobert) November 9, 2013

@qu9rter8ack u think ur hot shit by taking selfies on Instagram. Posting u when ur teams losing. How bout u actually help ur team fuck face
— bassmaster9898 (@bassmaster9898) November 14, 2013

@qu9rter8ack is the worst QB Michigan has ever had in my life time. Id rather have Tate back. At least he was a freshman when he sucked
— Troy Torrey (@TroyTorrey) November 9, 2013

WHY DO WE FUCKIN SUCK!!!!!!! I blame your suck ass @qu9rter8ack
— Daddy Deats (@DipsyDangler20) November 9, 2013

@qu9rter8ack U have no idea what ur doing as a QB! U get the ball at the 26 of Nebraska n can’t move it! U wait too long to decide to run!
— AFVeteran (@VeteranAf) November 9, 2013

@qu9rter8ack is not black! Black qb’s have much better footwork than what this qb is displaying. How many tackles has he ran into? #GoBlue
— daplace2b112 (@daplace2b112) November 9, 2013

Get your fuckin head outa your ass. Get rid of the ball. Make decision sooner. Fuckin pissed. What a bad season! @qu9rter8ack #GoBlue
— IHJNG (@AH44KS) November 9, 2013

@qu9rter8ack your a fuckin loser bottom line
— Andy Chilvers (@ChillytheKidd) November 9, 2013

@qu9rter8ack @umichfootball @MGoBlueTV hey you look like Ryan leaf in the NFL. Come on man!!! #playbetter
— Marc Mercanti (@marcmercanti) November 9, 2013

@qu9rter8ack Can u not read a blitz? Every time Nebraska blitzed u freaked n u had no idea what 2 do! The QB is supposed 2 b a leader, b 1.
— AFVeteran (@VeteranAf) November 9, 2013

@umichfootball @qu9rter8ack please take off #98 or go back to wide receiver.
— Robert Hardin (@HardinRobert) November 9, 2013

@qu9rter8ack runs like a newborn baby deer
— 7mile Veteran (@manishvirgo) November 9, 2013

I hate you @qu9rter8ack
— Devin Revels (@devin_revels) November 7, 2013

This post is to not generalize a fan base. This is not the Michigan fan base as a whole, this is just calling out those who should turn in their fan card immediately and never return.

I give Devin Gardner all the credit in the world by standing up as a man and taking this hate head on and never wavering. Devin Gardner is Michigan’s quarterback, fans will have to live with that. 

Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College during the day, Michigan fanatic at night. Taking TBHR to the next level one post at a time.