For the Wolverines, it’s the same old song and dance

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We’ve seen this before. There is no offense, there is no momentum, there is no success and for many, there is no hope.

This was the case Saturday as Michigan once again delivered an incredibly sloppy and underwhelming performance against the Cornhuskers. The offense was pitiful, delivering a negative rushing performance again (minus 21 yards) in back-to-back weeks. The offensive line was arguably even worse than it was against Michigan State. All of these aspects of a game creates failure. 

This is what the 2013 season has become. One utter failure.

The offense has relapsed into an archaic-esque system. But even teams of the early-1900s style of football could move the ball better than how the Michigan offense can move it now. Fielding Yost, the father of the “Point-a-Minute offense,” would scoff at what this present-day offense has become. 

A team that promised a cloud of dust can’t even muster a whimper.

Devin Gardner has been beaten down so badly that he has gotten to the point where he is completely gun shy. On plays where he needed to get rid of it, we saw a quarterback give up on a play and take a sack. This is what the Michigan offense has become. A once prolific offense who prided themselves with the running game has turned into the laughing stock of the Big Ten. At this point, Michigan is just playing for pride.

Times are tough when Michigan can only beat the bottom-feeders of the conference. This was a game Michigan should’ve won and it fell horrifically short. Not to mention, the undefeated home record for Hoke is no more. 

This team is doomed. There is no one on that roster who could fix this offense in one game. It is finally time we stop blaming the players and start blaming those who call the shots. These shots aren’t working and they’re even coming predictable.

After the game, many people on the Nebraska staff credited the defense with knowing what Michigan was going to run by how they lined up. Nebraska knew what was coming at them and Borges did nothing to fix it. It’s similar to running into drywall head first, you’ll be met with force and eventually you will break through. In this case, the offense ran head first and was knocked unconscious. 

There are no descriptive words that can be used to describe the season the Wolverines are having this year. What was promised was not given to the fans and to the team. What we are seeing is a complete meltdown of a season that promised a possible birth to the conference championship. It’s the same old song and dance, fans will have to go through the motions.

Perhaps this regression is growing pains for the future or fans must endure mediocrity. Either way, things need to change quickly. The same old song and dance is getting old.

Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College during the day, Michigan fanatic at night. Taking TBHR to the next level one post at a time.