Close the Door on Your way Out

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Success is worth celebrating. Whether you don’t burn your toast or you walk on the moon, take a moment to tell yourself, “Job well done, self.” 

It’s a rather simple notion, but are there exceptions? What if failure ultimately results in a favorable outcome? That is exactly the argument some Michigan “fans” were using when the Wolverines put together an unlikely comeback on the road this last weekend to beat Northwestern and avoid a third straight loss. 

Of course, these people were thinking along the lines of a loss surely meaning Al Borges or Brady Hoke (or maybe both) would have their fate sealed and be put in the unemployment line. 

Whoa, let’s stop it right there. I need to rewind the tape. 

For the record, I’m completely out of ways/motive to defend the awful play-calling of Al Borges, and I’m not exactly sure what to think of Brady Hoke, either. So don’t read this thinking I am an irrational, helplessly-optimistic fan who believes my Wolverines are just the grandest damn team in the land. In real life, Michigan is not good. Period. There’s no logical way around that. 

So when I saw some people going public with their bold opinions, wishing Michigan would have LOST to Northwestern, I was forced do the world a favor and revoke their fan cards, even if just in my own head. But how ridiculous is that? I completely understand their logic; let the snowball keep rolling in order to make dreams and wishes come true. 

But in what universe is it okay to wish ill upon your favorite team? I personally cannot imagine kneeling on my living room floor–that’s how I watch Michigan games–and wishing the team to which I devote way too much of my life would actually lose. 

That’s madness. 

I was also mildly disturbed by the lack of people who really just stood on the sideline for this. I don’t obnoxiously stand up for my team the way I used to, but if I’m passionate about something, I’m going to let you know about it. 

I’m leaving with one simple request. As you’re leaving the lounge that is Michigan football and everything it stands for, leave your key on the counter close the door on your way out. 

Thank you. 
Tyler Fenwick
Managing Editor at The Big House Report
I am an aspiring journalist studying at IUPUI. I am the third (and youngest) manager of The Big House Report, and it's my responsibility to make sure it runs more smoothly today than it did yesterday.