Predicting Michigan captain candidates

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With the 2013 football season approaching ever-so-slightly. The time has come to begin some preseason predictions for Team 134.

Being a captain of the Michigan football team comes with high praise and high expectations. You are the player who (mostly) answer to the media, you’re looked upon by coaches to lead and you’re expected to show high integrity on and off the field.

This year more so than any other, the candidates for captains is probably easy to predict. But, below are my three candidates who, I believe, are perfect fits for captaincy on Team 134.

Captain one: Thomas Gordon

Thomas Gordon has flourished into a fantastic safety and has really grown into his own. He finished 2012 with over 80 tackles and two interceptions.

Gordon, a redshirt senior, will now have to become a vocal leader for the defense with Jordan Kovacs graduating. By all accounts, it appears that Gordon had already started to assume those roles last year.

In both of Hoke’s two seasons with Michigan there has been a defensive captain. Don’t expect this trend to change too much here. Gordon is the logical fit for a defensive captain position.

Captain Two: Devin Gardner

Even though he is a redshirt junior — with help from the NCAA and a medical redshirt application — quarterback Devin Gardner is also a logical choice for a captain position.

Gardner is loved in the locker room. With a big personality complicated with a big arm, this translates well with the other players when thinking of whom they want as their leader.

With Denard Robinson no longer stepping through the doors of Schembechler Hall, Gardner has done a wonderful job of stepping up and assuming the quarterback position. All while showcasing excellent leadership skills on offense.

On top of it all, Gardner is also striving to get better. By working out with QB guru George Whitfield Jr and attending QB camps, Gardner expects to see better results from himself as well. That type of dedication will be looked highly upon by coaches and players alike.

Captain Three: Taylor Lewan

Even though he is probably the most obvious of choices, there was a brief moment in time where his senior season at Michigan might not happen.

To all Michigan fans surprise, Lewan decided to come back for his final season at Michigan, forgoing millions at the next level. Which also locked up an automatic bid for captaincy, as well.

The dedication and adoration Lewan has for Michigan is telling. Him passing up millions to have one more go-around at college speaks volumes about the program and his leadership.

On the field, Lewan is a beast. Off the field, he is probably one of the funniest guys on the team. Combine that together and you have a likable guy the players can relate to and the coaches can trust being a positive influence on the underclassmen.

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