2012 Michigan Sugar Bowl Ring Appears on eBay

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Only being two seasons removed from the magical 11-2  campaign that brought Michigan fans a Sugar Bowl victory, a little piece of history from 2012 can now be purchased.

The price tag runs a little steep.

A Sugar Bowl championship ring has appeared on eBay and it could be yours for a measly $4,999 before shipping and taxes.

According to the listing, it has a suggested retail price of $5,750, a slight savings compared to listed price or best offer. Other details include an appraisal letter, original lighted presentation box, and an approximate size of 9.5.

Now, before you scream conspiracy, the owner’s identity has been edited out of the pictures displayed on the eBay listing. So, you won’t be able to find out who it is until you purchase the ring.

Considering the anonymity of the ring owner, it could simply be a player looking for some extra cash. Which doesn’t necessarily have to mean that he is still enrolled. It could simply be someone who isn’t well known (like a Martin or Robinson) — or not even a player at all — and is looking for full value.

Move along now, nothing to see here.

If you’re interested in looking at the listing, here is the link.

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