The Curious Case of Dymonte Thomas

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In what might not be so curious after all, early enrollee, and potential stud freshman, Dymonte Thomas will be placed under the microscope in the coming months to see where exactly he will see playing time this fall.

By all accounts, it appears that Thomas could see quite a bit of playing time this fall thanks to his impressive play in spring practices. Granted spring practices and fall games are two completely different beasts, seeing this type of competitiveness coming from Thomas is a good sign early on.

Now, where exactly will Thomas play? There is need for him on the defense, but where will he make his mark?

Realistically, we are looking at either nickelback or competing with Jarrod Wilson for strong safety. Let’s break them both down.


– Depth: Courtney Avery, Dymonte Thomas, Delano Hill (?)

Has Avery done enough to secure a spot? Probably not. Avery has had every opportunity to secure a starting corner position and has failed to do so. Which might not be 100 percent his fault, he just lost out to better talent. When Raymon Taylor took over for Countess, J.T Floyd was Michigan’s other corner. Avery was shuffled in and out of the lineup.

Will Hill compete for a spot? It is entirely possible that Hill could push Avery to compete harder for the starting job or the backup spot pending Thomas winning the battle. Should Michigan waste an eligibility year on Hill if other depth is there? Probably not. But, you never know what will happen come summer and fall camps.

Strong Safety:

– Depth: Jarrod Wilson … ?

Does losing Marvin Robinson hurt? Yes, the loss of Marvin Robinson hurts quite a bit because he was expected to compete for the strong safety position. Robinson’s Michigan career has been a disappointment to many Michigan fans, as he was a highly touted recruit coming in that didn’t quite live up to expectations. Now, with him gone, Michigan loses a considerable amount of depth there. Even though he would be competing for a starting spot, Jarrod Wilson appears to have emerged as the leader.

Could Thomas split time between safety and cornerback? Yes, it is possible that could happen, but it’s very unlikely. They’ll either have him in one spot or the other. It all depends on how he adapts throughout the season. If Thomas can perform elsewhere better than where he originally place, it makes total sense to move him elsewhere. But, for now, it’s either or. Michigan will find someone to back-up their starting corners and strong safety.

My Verdict? Dymonte Thomas will be your starting nickelback this season. There is a possibility that he COULD see playing time at strong safety, playing for an injured player for example, but it doesn’t make sense to shuffle him around. Once Thomas gets comfortable with the pace of college football and learns the defense, then it will make sense to move him to safety once Thomas Gordon graduates. Until then, I really think Michigan fans will be seeing something special with Thomas.

Derek Devine
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