Jabrill Peppers and Twitter Hate

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If you’ve kept up with this website for awhile, you know I like to expose ignorant folks who post hateful things on Twitter to a high school recruit they just lost.
In this case, Jabrill Peppers a 5* recruit who arguably is Michigan’s highest ranked recruit in the history of recruit rankings, ignited a firestorm of hate on Twitter, a goldmine if you will.
As always, I caution you that strong language is below and err on the side of caution when reading this at work.
Smile, you’re on TBHR’s candid camera.

Ohio style is gonna tear jabrill peppers acl #faggot
— Connor/scooter/scout (@alldayscout9595) May 26, 2013

@jabrillpeppers Michigan sucks you ain’t gonna help. Michigan state whoop yo assss each time
— fred hardenthepaint (@fredbrudos19) May 26, 2013

One thing we know about Jabrill Peppers now that he is at Michigan… He’ll never beat Ohio State and get a pair of gold pants
— chad blakely (@Buck_iBlakely22) May 27, 2013

Damon Webb + Eli Apple + Cam Burrows + Vonn Bell + Gareon Conley + Jayme Thompson > Jabrill Peppers. He’s good but can’t win by himself…
— UrbanDynasty13 (@UrbanDynasty13) May 27, 2013

@jabrillpeppers dumb truly dumb #buckeyes
— Jy Jelly (@JohnYeaples1) May 27, 2013

Shut the hell up Jabrill Peppers and sit the fuck down. #idiot no one cares where you’re goin to college
— Lexi Philen⚾ (@LexiPhilen12) May 26, 2013

So @jabrillpeppers announced his decision via a rap he wrote? I thought I couldn’t hate this guy more than I already did, but wow.
— Matthew Milko (@B1Gcast) May 27, 2013

@ummm_mr_knox Michigan got Jabrill Peppers and won’t shut up about it a commitment from you would be a nice little bitch slap to them back
— UrbanDynasty13 (@UrbanDynasty13) May 27, 2013

Jabrill peppers can’t rap…
— Rob Sal (@RobSal53) May 27, 2013

Jabrill Peppers I hope no one drafts you and you get rocked by some senior next year cause of that “rap”
— Nicky B (@BumbardsAcat) May 27, 2013

@desmondhoward @jabrillpepperswill transfer to WVU by Spring 2014…. Watch!
— vox populi (@celticross47) May 27, 2013

Well jabrill gay peppers dont hatenittany nation when we stomp you. Had your chance for greatness. #weare
— Jordon Meals (@JSMOOTHIEMAN) May 27, 2013

@jabrillpeppers that was the worst decision of your life.. Ohio State will give you nightmares.. You ain’t about that life #OH
— Nick Fillar (@Meek_Fill) May 27, 2013

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