Henschke’s Wednesday Rants is Not a Fan of Long Offseasons

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Joshua Henschke
Editor, TheBigHouseReport.com

I get that a college football season is so short because the academic calendar says it should be this way. After all, school comes before sports, but I’ve never been a fan of the wait from January to September.

For being a huge football buff, the wait is excruciating. You get teased with spring practices, news of big football commitments, and players who are making strides in the offseason. But, when it comes down to it: “We want more, we want more. Like, you really like it. We want more.”

Well said, little girl.

For me, a college football season feels entirely too short. Considering the Big Ten hadn’t played a conference championship game in quite some time before being introduced two seasons ago. Back then, the wait between the Ohio State game and Michigan’s bowl game seemed excruciatingly long. But, also looking back, I’m sure we needed the break to recover ourselves from the loss.

Nowadays, a conference championship will suffice for an extra filler week of college football. It won’t mean that much to me until Michigan starts participating in these games, though.

The college football season comes and goes in a blur. You don’t truly appreciate what it means to you until it’s gone for another year. We get used to seeing Michigan on TV every Saturday and it becomes habit. The first weekend without it is tough. Eventually it becomes easier to handle until the urge for football starts to come back with the change of the season.

An offseason is not a fun time for anyone. Who really thinks, “you know, I think I’ll take a 8-9 month break from watching football.” Nobody. Granted, the players DESERVE that break for sacrificing their bodies for our entertainment, but I wish football was around much longer.

Even though offseasons are necessary, I’ll never be a fan of the wait. Until then, I’ll be counting down the days until the first snap of the season.

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