The Big House Diaries: Spring Game

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Saturday, April 13th brought new excitement to Ann Arbor. On the cusp of a National Championship game loss to Louisville, and pending announcements from star basketball players whether to stay or go, Michigan fans needed a savior.

This savior came in the shape of one final spring practice at the Big House.

It was a cold April Saturday — which felt like a normal football Saturday in November — which was the consensus around the stadium. But, you couldn’t stop the weather from bringing down the brave souls who withstood it just to get a small sample size of Team 134.

A new season brings new hope, and Michigan fans are hopeful.

To me, the spring game means nothing. Especially considering there isn’t a game going on. Just situational drills that provide false hope to all fans. But, there is one thing that holds true. This is Devin Gardner’s team.

There’s no denying the growth Devin Gardner has shown over his time at Michigan. All the patience that he has shown waiting for his moment to shine has finally come to fruition. You could see the poise, see the leadership, and see the undeniable swagger knowing that this is HIS team. Finally.

I saw football, I “heard” football as Brady Hoke likes to say it. It was glorious. Any type of football is enough for me. The stats, the plays, and everything else in between doesn’t mean anything until fall. Seeing the maize and blue in action will be enough to quench my thirst for football for just a little bit longer.

But, here are my biggest observations from the Spring Game yesterday:

– They’re not lying, Ben Braden is a beast. But, for being 320, he is a slim 320. If that is even possible.
– Tight end is a position of strength. With the addition of Jake Butt, that position is going to be is a strength and a useful tool in the offense this season.
– Taco Charlton is hungry, no pun intended. Charlton looks like a beast out there. Even though he is not supposed to hit the quarterback, he burst through the line and had a couple sacks, literally. He tackled the quarterback.
– James Ross is a monster. Frank Clark is a beast. Quinton Washington looked really good as well.
– Taylor Lewan has a 10 mustache — on a scale of 10.
– The biggest area of concern, for me, is running back. Obviously with the way Michigan was practicing you aren’t going to hit any home runs. But I didn’t see anyone in particular look the part of a starter out there. Things will begin to take shape in the fall.
– I’m really excited for the young receivers to go out there and see what they can do. Amara Darboh to be specific. I’ve always loved how that kid plays.
– My biggest observation of them all: FOOTBALL IS BACK!

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