Player Profiles: Jeremy Gallon

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WHO: Jeremy Gallon
CLASS: Senior

ROLE IN THE OFFENSE?: Like I’ve said before, I’m no betting man — but you can place bets on online sports betting sites —  but it’s safe to say that Gallon is THE MAN, yes THE MAN, in this Michigan offense. Last season, Gallon and Gardner seemed to make a great duo with Gallon emerging as a legitimate downfield threat in the process. This emergence would add a huge dynamic to the offense that would occassionally lack the “homerun ball”. Gallon has supreme athleticism that allows him to make the big-time leaping grabs. Though he does lack the height to be the “traditional Michigan wide receiver”, he has shown significant progress throughout his entire Michigan career and it is plausible that he ends it with another solid season.

POTENTIAL STATS: What is a solid season you ask? Considering Gallon had 800 yards receiving with 8 TD’s with a mish-mash of quarterbacks (Robinson, Bellomy for one game, and Gardner the rest), I feel like he can easily reach 1,000 yards and over 10 TD’s. Of course, these numbers and where Gallon lines up all depends on who emerges in the receiver/tight end corps that could possibly steal some passes away from Gallon. But, considering his speed and athleticism, he’ll see plenty of action this season.

DARKHORSE PREDICTION: Jeremy Gallon will be wearing the #21 jersey by the first game against Central Michigan. Why? Because it just makes sense. Roy Roundtree has graduated and moved on leaving someone to come in and take it. Why not Gallon? He’s arguably Michigan’s best receiver right now and also a senior. He could provide leadership to the younger receivers and I feel he could be the best candidate to represent Desmond Howard’s honor out on the field every Saturday this season.

FUN FACT: They left him alone.

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