Visit Reaction: Daniel Helm

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Daniel Helm just finished with his two-day visit to Michigan and it appeared to have went very well. Helm, a ’14 4* TE, is high on Michigan’s list of TE’s they are recruiting this year.

I spoke with Helm and here are the highlights of our chat.

On the visit: “The visit went really well, I really enjoyed the experience. I also learned some very valuable things about Michigan. Overall, it went very well.”

On what he considered the best parts of his visit: “It was all really good but I think the most beneficial for me was meeting with the academic counselors and then with Mr Bob Kennedy from the business school and Dr Alec Gallimore from the school of engineering. They all helped to give me a much better insight in to what being a student athlete at Michigan is really like. We got to meet a number of coaches and players too including Denard Robinson, which was pretty cool. Coach Ferrigno and Coach Borges really helped to show me how the TE will be used in the future as well. I know that doesn’t really narrow it down that much but it was all pretty cool and very helpful.”

On how the visit shapes his opinion on Michigan: “Well, I don’t think it shakes up my view of Michigan at all. I already had a very high view of the school and the coaches. If anything it just reinforces how I view them.”

– Helm has no updated timeline in his commitment process as he is still fairly inexperienced.

One final note he wanted to share, “One thing that stuck out to me about Michigan is when I was talking to Coach Hecklinski and he asked me about my plans heading home. I plan on visiting Notre Dame on the way back and I was a little hesitant to say that but he and Coach Singletary actually encouraged me to visit other schools. They want me to make the best decision for myself and they also want me to compare Michigan to other schools. That just kinda stuck out to me.”

I believe Michigan has a great chance to land Helm when the time is right. Notre Dame will be a tough foe to beat for his services,

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