The Curious Case of Reon Dawson

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Crazy doesn’t discriminate. Crazy comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t care if you’ve had a bad day or if things at home are going poorly. It doesn’t care that you’ve committed to play football for the University of Michigan. Crazy certainly doesn’t care when you misspeak. Crazy sure as hell doesn’t care when you try to clear the air. Crazy gon’ Crazy.  If you step out of line, say something that Crazy can’t deal with, Crazy will come after you like a pit bull.
Such is the case with Reon Dawson, a recent commitment to the class of 2013. Dawson, originally an Illinois commit, switched over to the good guys soon after Michigan missed out on consensus five-star Leon McQuay. Dawson faxed in his Letter of Intent without a lick of drama. So why is everyone up in arms about Reon Dawson these days? Well, you’ll have to ask the Dayton Daily News, who ran this article about Reon Dawson yesterday. His comments in the article got the twittersphere in a tizzy when he was quoted as saying he was a “Buckeye for life”.
As you can imagine, that didn’t sit well with the Michigan fan base. Not soon after, the story started bouncing around and has shown up on the Detroit Free Press, SBNation, and Deadspin.
Try to see below the surface, just once. Dig a litter deeper. I know that’s a crazy idea in this day and age. But you’ll see what Reon Dawson was trying to say. He’s from Ohio. He was born in the Buckeye state. So when he says he’s going to be a ‘Buckeye for life’, he means that he has pride in his home state. At least that’s what he told Sam Webb. You can read that article here.
I’m not here to defend Reon Dawson. I’m the kind of person that believes if you say something you better be ready for everything that goes with it. If he was misquoted, he’s owed an apology by the Dayton Daily News. (That won’t happen) If he wasn’t misquoted, then he’s better off just owning the comments. He’s since said through multiple venues that his comments were taken out of context. The original story, because of the rivalry and allegiances, will continue to float to the top.
Social media is a breeding ground for severe reactions. When something catches ablaze, you’re better off just getting out of the way. Rightfully so. We’re a society that wants instant access and we’re not afraid to share our irrational opinions without trying to get the full story first.
When you mix irrational responses with stupidity and erratic peculiar behavior you get a fantastically awful cocktail of embarrassment. People and various media outlets trying to capitalize of the absurdity of the moment further reactions. This is what I like to call “Davey Pageviews” syndrome. Davey Pageviews doesn’t care about the message whether it’s true, false or fully researched. Davey just wants you to click the links. It’s working. This story has been retweeted thousands of times. (yes, I checked.)
As you can imagine. Crazy came out in full force. Before I continue, there’s something I’d like to point out about crazy folk. Crazy has existed forever. There have been nutballs just itching at the opportunity to spew hate but never had the opportunity. But with the popularity of social media, Crazy often finds itself standing in front of a giant open mic attached to a megaphone with direct access to people that, in the past, they would never have had access. So let’s take a few moments to read some of the things floating around about Reon Dawson in the wake of his comments.

These first two aren’t that crazy, but I had to screen cap these two. Nice shades bruh…

This guy above is a Michigan blogger. He’s tweeting at a recruit, who he probably thinks he’s friends with, asking him to ‘straighten out’ a kid who because he’s not a ‘true Michigan Man’. 

Sizzlin’ hot take. 

Keep clinging to that baseball dream, sport. 

You hear that, “bro”? He’s embarrassed for you. Seriously. 

A Michigan Man does not speak in the same breath as those heathens from beneath us, Reon. You’d better learn that soon… /handwank
Dawson took to Twitter to try and clear the air and was met with more resistance. I’m not going to screencap all the hate but here was his attempt to get the chum out of the waters:
Fellow commit and Trotwood teammate Mike McCray also stood up for his friend via Twitter. It didn’t help either. 
I realize that a lot of this will fall on deaf ears. Crazy don’t care. Lord forbid he cracks the starting lineup and gives up a big play to Ohio State. Twitter will probably melt with the crazy conspiracy theories. But to all the ‘fans’ out there giving this kid flack and spoiling what should be a momentous event in his life, go die in a fire. 

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2 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Reon Dawson

  1. This is the best article I have ever read regarding Signing Day. From the links that cover the original story to the “screen caps” you have put your finger on the pulse of what Signing Day has become during the Age of Social Media with humor and clarity. As always I look forward to reading more from The Big House Report. Go Blue!!!

  2. Just so you know, this isn’t that uncommon. It happens a lot. These kids are also football fans. They have to sometimes go to schools they rooted against. Look at Trey Burke. Kid grew up IN CBUS! You don’t think at least a little part of him died in that he had to go to UM instead of OSU? I’ll give you another example I know for sure. Ohio State had a running back a few years ago by the name of Brandon Saine. Saine was Mr. Football in Ohio coming out, and went to OSU. He went to OSU during Coach Tress’ domination. Mr. Saine went to Ohio State, and has since been in many a O-H-I-O picture. Mr. Saine grew up a Michigan fan. He has been quoted as saying he went to OSU over UM because “He wanted to win”. That’s not a dig. That’s just how college football was at the time. So lay off this young man. Please

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